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Goals in life are usually pretty easy to come by. You find something you love and you make a plan and do it. I'm at a point in my life where I've accomplished all the goals I've set forth in my life.

1. Graduate from college. - Check. Graduation with my Bachelors in Nursing.
2. Achieve my dream job. Check. I work in a high acuity Cardiac Unit for Pediatrics, it is my dream job.
3. Marry the love of my life. Check. I met Taylor in nursing school and it hasn't been the same since. We got married November 2014 and it was the most perfect day of my life, honestly.

So as far as milestones I'd say I've accomplished a lot for 25 years of life.

So what about new goals? I have some short term goals I'm working towards right now, but how about long term goals. The three above were my long term goals I had set when I was younger. So lets see...

New Goals:
1. Disney Vacation. I realize this may sound a bit childish, but if you've been as an adult you get the point. Disneyworld is my favorite place on earth.
2. Second honeymoon to Excellence resort.  Our honeymoon, though amazing, wasn't the best it could be. Our initial flight was delayed 6 hours, it rained the last two days, and Taylor was sick in bed all day the very last day. Next time we will book with a different company and have a prescription of Zofran on hand.
3. Pay off my credit card. Okay, this one should be easy right? Well it will be now, now that I cut up my credit card. It was extremely hard to pay it off when I was planning a wedding. I mean hello, I needed those Monogrammed beverage napkins with our hashtag on them.
4. Breast enhancement. this is more of a pending goal.
5. Savings. My husband is amazing at savings, I however, am not. I would like to have a savings that could last me 3 months if need be. A savings that is separate from my emergency fund!

So there they are. Although very different from my already accomplished goals, they are still goals that my heart wants to work for. So basically in a nutshell I need to start saving my money. These goals are going to be hard to reach.

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