This is our dog that Taylor and I got when we were still dating a year ago. It was January 18th when we went to the local pound here in Birmingham and picked her up. It is actually a funny story, Taylor's birthday is January 17th so we were going to the pound to pick him out an all black kitten, but it turns out they only had two cats in the whole pound and one was spoken for! So I tip toe over to the puppy side... which was a terrible mistake. Just so you know, you can just go "look" at the puppies, you will inevitably end up taking one home. 
So there was Baker, a 3 month old puppy, in a cage by herself absolutely ripping apart her newspaper floor and happily chewing on a round toy that was currently stuck over her nose and in her mouth. Thats when Taylor said, "If you thinking of getting a dog you might as well get this one." And that's what we did. After playing with her for 5 minutes in one of their back showing rooms we picked her up and didn't put her down again. She has been the best decision we have made, although we've had bumps in the road, she has brought us more joy than pain in the time we have had her. If you're ever thinking of getting a dog I would tell you to go for it! Cause who couldn't love that face?!


Onions and Pineapples

Last night I cut my finger while chopping an onion. I was just beginning dinner when the onion gave and the knife hit my left pointer finger. I grabbed a towel and just sat on the kitchen floor. I am a nurse and see blood all the time, every day I work. Trick is, I don't see my blood.  I just had to take a moment. It bled for 45 minutes. 45 MINUTES! I was getting ready to go to the hospital to get stitches. 
Throughout all of this my sweet husband was right by my side. Have I mentioned in this blog how amazing he is? He kept checking on me and making sure I didn't need anything, even this morning before he got out of bed he asked how my finger was. He is just too thoughtful and I am a big baby. 

So enough with the gory details...
Fruit infused water. 
This is something I am going to be making a lot come spring and summer. Usually I stick to cucumber, lemon, and lime infused with some mint added. Although, very delicious and refreshing what about all the other fruits? They want some action too. Today I tried pineapple and I was not disappointed! I added just enough to where there is a lingering fresh pineapple taste in your mouth. Trust me, during Alabama summers you'll need a nice refreshing drink by your side, and what is better than stepping up your water game?


earthly things

6:30 AM. That's when my day started yesterday, and it started horrible. I had just got home from dropping Taylor off from work when it all happened. I had just made myself a piping hot fresh cup of coffee and I was sitting down to my laptop (Taylors laptop) to do my quiet time/bible study. I had just set my coffee down when my hand crossed over it spilling the contents of the cup ALL over my laptop and keyboard. I'm not exaggerating at all here when I say it looked as if I had deliberately poured the whole cup over it. I then proceeded to try and make amends, turning it over, turning it off, blow drying, taking the battery out... I ended up leaving it in a large trash bag full of rice until my husband could get home to make it better. After a long day of tears Taylor finally comes home at 7pm to actually take the battery out (I had done it incorrectly) and put it back it and the computer powers itself back up. It was a miracle and my husband is amazing. 
Between 7-7pm though I am not proud of how I acted, yes it is one of the most expensive items I own and it would have been terrible to lose it but there is another part of the story I've left out, I had another laptop that was a little older but works just fine. 

I realized, although I'm fairly sure I failed, that I have put so much into this laptop (a thing of this world). I was so mad and upset about my precious laptop. I realized that I put my treasures into this world. It has caused me to repent and be quite embarrassed about it too.  I am just thankful for a God who loves and forgives even though I am a sinner and I don't deserve it, even when I put laptops before him. 

My handsome amazing husband who while all this was going on was so nice and sweet to me. He made me feel so much better and, despite it being his computer, never got mad once. He just said,"We'll figure it out, if we have to get a new one we will." He is my rock on this earth and I just can't imagine being without him.

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