This is our dog that Taylor and I got when we were still dating a year ago. It was January 18th when we went to the local pound here in Birmingham and picked her up. It is actually a funny story, Taylor's birthday is January 17th so we were going to the pound to pick him out an all black kitten, but it turns out they only had two cats in the whole pound and one was spoken for! So I tip toe over to the puppy side... which was a terrible mistake. Just so you know, you can just go "look" at the puppies, you will inevitably end up taking one home. 
So there was Baker, a 3 month old puppy, in a cage by herself absolutely ripping apart her newspaper floor and happily chewing on a round toy that was currently stuck over her nose and in her mouth. Thats when Taylor said, "If you thinking of getting a dog you might as well get this one." And that's what we did. After playing with her for 5 minutes in one of their back showing rooms we picked her up and didn't put her down again. She has been the best decision we have made, although we've had bumps in the road, she has brought us more joy than pain in the time we have had her. If you're ever thinking of getting a dog I would tell you to go for it! Cause who couldn't love that face?!

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