Onions and Pineapples

Last night I cut my finger while chopping an onion. I was just beginning dinner when the onion gave and the knife hit my left pointer finger. I grabbed a towel and just sat on the kitchen floor. I am a nurse and see blood all the time, every day I work. Trick is, I don't see my blood.  I just had to take a moment. It bled for 45 minutes. 45 MINUTES! I was getting ready to go to the hospital to get stitches. 
Throughout all of this my sweet husband was right by my side. Have I mentioned in this blog how amazing he is? He kept checking on me and making sure I didn't need anything, even this morning before he got out of bed he asked how my finger was. He is just too thoughtful and I am a big baby. 

So enough with the gory details...
Fruit infused water. 
This is something I am going to be making a lot come spring and summer. Usually I stick to cucumber, lemon, and lime infused with some mint added. Although, very delicious and refreshing what about all the other fruits? They want some action too. Today I tried pineapple and I was not disappointed! I added just enough to where there is a lingering fresh pineapple taste in your mouth. Trust me, during Alabama summers you'll need a nice refreshing drink by your side, and what is better than stepping up your water game?

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