a (tasty) green smoothie

Everyone is on the juicing kick right now. Juicing is great and I love going to Whole Foods and picking out juices to drink during the week, but what i really love is smoothies. 
I just recently bought a blender, I know I know, who doesn't own a blender right? I just never got around to it when I turned into an adult okay! Anyway I digress. 
Buying a blender was an awesome idea! We use it mostly for making breakfast smoothies, its a great way to get Taylor eating healthy without him even knowing it. I usually make a Peanut Butter and Chocolate Oatmeal smoothie the night before he goes to work and that way he can just grab it on the way out the door for breakfast. He loves it. 

Today I made a spinach smoothie, and guess what!? I can't even taste the spinach, its amazing. 
Here is what I used: 

a handful of spinach
one banana
a cup of orange juice (mine had mango in it)
1/2 cup of frozen mango (frozen makes the smoothie thicker)
two spoonfuls of vanilla yogurt (just however much your feeling that day) 
about a tablespoon of lemon juice
and a couple of apple slices
and a 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon (not pictured)

and ta-da! a yummy healthy smoothie! 

Important: grind the spinach and orange juice first until the little spinach bits are gone, then add the rest of the ingredients. 

I'll be enjoying this smoothie by the pool if you need me!

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