Our Wedding

A whole two months have passed and I've finally been inspired to write a new post. Blogging is hard. Especially when you're the only one reading. But I am not doing this for anyone but myself to put my thoughts into the online void (thank you Meg Ryan in You've Got Mail). 

A little over 6 months ago we got married. It was perfect. 
It was a colorful fall day on November 15th and it was a gathering. Thats what I pictured my wedding, a gathering of our closest friends and family to celebrate our marriage. 

This was just outside our church. The leaves on the trees were gorgeous. 

My bouquet.

 Some of our buffet. 

Our gorgeous, delicious sour cream cake with cream cheese frosting, I went with the "naked" style cake and was not disappointed! Taylors aunts made all the desserts, including the cake!, cut down our costs a lot.

Coozies, a must at any southern wedding. 

The moment before he kissed his bride. 

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