Last week my mom and I took a cooking class at Sur la Table. We cooked our own lunch under the instruction of a Chef. It was very fun and very delicious. Cooking to me is like my let go when I get home from work. It is so relaxing, all the different smells and the science of getting the food to be just right. My husband doesn't mind it being one of my hobbies either. ;) Sur la Table is such a fun way to learn some tricks for cooking and pick up a yummy lunch or dinner too. They have different meals and menus everyday. That day we cooked mediterranean: 
Moroccan Carrot Salad, 
Quinoa Tabbouleh, 
Grilled Prawns with Chermoula on top of couscous with pine nuts and raisins, 
and for dessert we made fresh grapefruit with Rose Water Syrup with greek yogurt and toasted Pistachios. 
I went straight to the grocery store after and bought the ingredients for the dessert, it was so divine, I definitely went back for seconds! 

Our set-up, there were only three of us in the class. More food for us! 

The finished product! 

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