in my makeup bag

I have a collection of different products in my makeup bag and yet, it is still a pretty small collection. I believe in getting a routine and sticking to it. Keeping it simple. Too many products has caused me to stress out about my makeup and that's something I don't need in my life. 
I am partial to Mac products but I have a few stray items that I just love and can't part with.
So, in my makeup bag...

Primer- Mac Prep+Prime Natural Radiance. This primer goes on light and leaves my skin glowing (I am all about a glow on my skin). Whats great about this primer is that it comes in two tones, a pink and a yellow for the different undertone of your skin. 

Foundation- Mac Face and Body Foundation. This foundation makes my skin flawless! It has a satin glowing finish. I used to think I loved the matte finish, but after using this a getting compliments on my skin I don't think I'll ever go back. 

Blush- Mac Mineralize Blush in 'Just a Wisp' this pink blush is one you can layer for a minimal dusting or a for a more dramatic look. This light pink color just adds that perfect touch of shine to your cheeks. 
I also came across Tarte's True Love blush.  This color is beautiful and it also stays on your skin all night! I have never really used Tarte cosmetics but this Blush has me wanting to try more items. 

If I had to choose makeup item in my bag to take with me on a deserted island it would most definitely be this Nars South Beach, it's called the Multiple and that is exactly correct. I use this on my eyes, cheeks, and lips. This can be used in so many different ways. I mostly dab it on my cheeks for a little bronzer glow. It makes you look and feel like you have actually been at South Beach all day. 

Those are my basic must haves in my bag. Eyes and Lips deserve their own post. :) 

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