night time skin care

Taking care of my skin is something I started doing at a young age. I am so thankful that my 19 year old self started worrying about my skin and how it will look when I am older. 
My night time skin routine is my favorite part of the day. It's a signal to my brain that it is time to start relaxing and get ready for bed. 

After I've cleansed and gotten out of the shower I use bliss Daily Dexoifying Facial Toner with a cotton ball all over. 

Then I use Aveda's Tourmaline Charged Radiance Fluid. This stuff goes on like a serum and leaves your skin looking so bright. I will be honest and say the only downside to this one is that it doesn't have a great smell. 

For the perfect bedtime sleeping I use Kiehls Midnight Recovery Elixir. This is an oil that you are to pat on your face then rub in any remaining left over. This smells of lavender and is the best to put on before going to bed. 

As a cream or moisturizer to go on last I will either use Kiehls Rosa Artica Lightweight Cream or Aveda's All Sensitive Moisturizer. The Kiehls cream is a little heavier than the Aveda Moisturizer so I will usually put that on a night and use the Aveda moisturizer in the AM. 

These are all great products and I am very happy with my skin care routine! 

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