summer then and now

This summer is hot. Today the heat 'feels like' is 102 degrees! Oh, and guess what else... our air conditioner went kaput. 

::will never grow tired of hearing these stories::

So after calling our landlord and letting her know it needed to be fixed. I loaded Baker up and we went to my grandmothers house where there was a small family get together going on already. 
That's the thing about my grandma and paw-paws house, there is almost always two people or more over there visiting. It's like the glue that holds our family together. 

And of course, right on cue, the 'when I was your age' talk began. I absolutely love hearing stories from when my mom was young and when my grandmother was young. They are the best stories anyone can tell. 

I sat on the cool cement porch in my grandmothers breezeway and listened to stories of the days before air conditioning. It made for a perfect impromptu visit. 

::front porch sitting::

::Baker beating the heat with the occasional trip to the creek by grandmas house::

I could right a whole post on what this swing has seen and the memories that have been made on it. While I'm feeling nostalgic, I'll just say that I have many fond memories of this particular swing, and hold dear to what it represents.


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