Morning routine

Here is my morning routine when I am definitely not working and I have myself together.

Morning routine on work days includes rolling out of bed and grabbing coffee on the go...
So without further adieu:

7:00 - I don't need an alarm clock because Baker is usually waking me up by now nuzzling me in the face. You can't fight this one, I have to get up and take her on a short walk.

(but seriously, can you say no to this?)

7:20 - Come back in and feed Baker, then make something to eat, usually I've made croissants ahead of time or scramble eggs with toast and fruit. 

7:30 - My favorite part of my morning is sitting down in front of my computer and doing my devotional time with the she reads truth blog. 

8:00 - After my devo I now head off to my pure barre class. I love getting my workout finished early on, it sets a good tone for the day.

9:00 - After class I will either go grab some coffee for T and I at our local coffee shop or go get some groceries for the dinner I've planned ahead to make.

(this stuff. praise him.)

9:30 - Back home for a shower and to look through my to-do list on what my day is going to look like. This is usually when T starts grunting for coffee. We can't make any plans unless he has had coffee in him.

(tonight I'm making Ina's beef stew from her Back to Basics book, the beef is marinating in cabernet all day today. delicious.)

That's what a morning looks like for me on my off days!  See any resemblance to yours?!



  1. It is southern pecan pie in a cup! They have so many more that are just as good too!


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