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I am so excited to talk about my most recent finding and new adventure. 
One day I was scoping out Jen Hatmaker's instagram (one of my favorite people in the whole world) and saw a cute little chinese chunk just rocking an extra chromosome. I dug a little deeper into this precious boy and saw that he was an orphan in China who also had a heart defect. My heart grew as big as the sky instantly.

Morning Star Foundation is an amazing organization which includes a foster home in China for children with complex heart defects as well as projects in Uganda too. I was immediately drawn to the heart babies and found out I could sponsor a baby monthly too. I prayed about it for a month and finally made a commitment to sponsor Eli. 
I get monthly updates and I also follow them on instagram and facebook for updates too. 

 Eli middle

This has been such an amazing adventure to me. I pray for Eli all the time, I pray that God will heal his little heart and he will find his forever home.

**I am in no way affiliated with Morning Star. All opinions are my own. I just love them so much.


Birmingham Boutique Favorite

I've been crushing on Scarlet and Gold for a while now. 
They work off of an amazing commitment of encouraging other women through Christ. Their products range from tees to art prints to phone cases. Not only are their products amazing but their customer service is personal. I received this handwritten note from them when I purchased this Peace Tank last week. This goes a long way in my book and I will continue to shop there.


easy on the madness

Don't over do it this Christmas!
 It is so easy to get caught up in the madness that is Christmas. 
I know that it is only one month and you HAVE to go see Christmas lights, drink hot chocolate, shop for the perfect present, get and ugly sweater, sing Christmas carols, watch all your favorite Christmas movies, and go over the river and through the woods to grandmothers house. 
That can make you feel like a grinch. 

Take it easy.

Here are a few ways I like to sit back, relax, and just watch the lights on my tree twinkle. 

1. Drinking warm lemon water and reading a good book, I'm working on Why Not Me?
2. A hot bubble bath with candle everywhere! 
3. Take Baker for a walk and looking at all the Christmas decorations around my community 
4. Read my Bible, specifically the book of Luke. 
5. Count my blessings. 
Seriously, I look around at what all I have to be thankful for 
and I thank God for it. 

These are just a few ways I relax and recollect during the Holidays.




Have you ever had writers block before? You want to write something worthy of reading but you come up with nothing? Thats where I've been these last couple of weeks. All my ideas come up short of the realness I want to give with this blog. I want this blog to represent me to my utmost, nothing fake. I want it to be like I am talking to a friend not putting on a persona. The number one reason I started writing this blog is to help with my creativity and to find what my real passions are. More of that to come though. Here is another edition of currently...

Doing: I am still into the Barre craze, this month I'm going to Neighborhood Barre for my barre workout. It is just as good as the others and way closer to my house. I could walk! The girls there are super sweet too. 
Eating: I'm sorry, but if you have never had Fresh Markets Chocolate Peppermint Biscotti you need to! These are so amaze. It's like the perfect size cookie. I eat them with coffee in the morning or after dinner at night. 

Reading: I am just about to start Why Not Me? by Mindy Kaling. I love this girl so much, I really would love to just follow her around all day in a non-stalker-ish way. She is an inspiration to totally follow your dreams. I can't wait to start this book and laugh my hiney off. 
Listening: Adele. Enough said. I swear I sound just like her when I'm alone in my car. 
Loving: Can you guess what I am going to say? Christmas! Our tree is up, decorations are halfway finished, and Baker has no idea what to do with herself. I can't wait to post pictures of our tree!
 It was an experience when we went to cut it down. I only told Taylor to 'turn-around-we-are-not-going-today' three times. Ahh, the holidays. Happy Family. 



gifts for a cause

This year I am pledging to buy majority of my gifts locally or for a cause. Over the years I've found some great items where the profits go towards something or someone with a need. Here are some amazing organizations that will be getting my money this Christmas:

These people I can totally get behind! They give jobs to women in the most vulnerable communities. They cherish children, empower women, and give people jobs! 
Here are a few pieces that I will be buying for my family and friends! 
Click here to shop

This company gives jobs to women who were once slaves for sex trafficking. This company gives them means to live, hope, and freedom.
Their Punjammies in particular are made by women in India hoping to gain a new life for themselves. 
I'll take one of each thanks! These will be great for my mother-in-law and sister-in-law! 

Another organization that is helping women who are tied to sex trafficking or have escaped. Their cards are changing the world! I plan on picking some of these up and putting gift cards in them! 
Aren't these just adorable! I know I'd be touched to get one. 

I love the idea that my money is going to a cause and I am helping someone by giving them a means to live. I know these gifts will be more meaningful to my family this Christmas. 


She Reads Truth advent

If you are looking for a great advent to read this Christmas then here you go and you're welcome! 

 You're only a couple of days behind but you can catch up super easy! 
My prayer is that this advent will draw you closer to the Lord this season and you will know the true King! 

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