Whole30: Day 6

//a few Whole30 compliant meals//

I was inspired recently to make some healthier decisions on food and decided to enlist Taylor and I in the Whole30 challenge. 

So I am going to get straight to the point and dissect our week thus far. 

things I am enjoying: 
Thankfully I really enjoy being in the kitchen. I love to cook and try new things so that part is not so bad, because you are spending literally half your day prepping for the next meal. 
Clean eating. I love that I know everything I am eating is clean and fresh and has not been processed. That itself puts you in a great mood. 
Not being hungry. The point is to eat large meals so they last you to the next one. I am not feeling hungry but I am having to stop myself from snacking just because I am bored. 
That's one of the great things about Whole30 is that it helps you break those bad food habits. 

things I am not enjoying/missing:
Dishes. Like many others have said before me, there are lots of dishes. This isn't so bad because Taylor and I usually tag team these.
Dairy. I need cheese and milk in my life. Always. Love Jessica. 
Going to social events is a little difficult when everyone around you is just like "oh here I am eating cake and ice cream and it's sooo good." and you're all like, "BUT IM FINE WITH MY APPLE. REALLY!" 

Did I mention we are only on day 6?


pm skin care

Lucky for me I started caring about my skin in high school. Over the years I have become more and more obsessed with it. I want to grow old having gorgeous skin that I have taken care of not had cosmetically modified.

Every night before I lay my head down these are the steps I take. 
1. Let's talk about dry brushing. I have very recently started dry brushing before I get in the shower, it is supposed to have great benefits for your skin such as unclogging pores, getting rid of toxins, and leaving your skin super soft. It helps stimulate your lymphatic system and your body's circulation. 
I do it every night before I jump in the shower, the first time I did it it hurt a bit, but after that I couldn't wait to do it. It is like getting your back scratched but all over your body. 
2. In the shower I cleanse my face with Kiehls Deep Pore Daily Cleansing Mask. It gets the job done but is still gently on my face. 
I've learned through the process of caring for my skin that I have really sensitive skin and too harsh of products cause redness on my face. 
3. About 3-4 times a week I will use a scrubbing mask such as Vasanti Brighten Up Enzymatic Face Rejuvenator or Aveda Tourmaline Charged Radiance Masque. These are great for getting rid of dead skin and giving your face a clear shine.
4. Out of the shower I start by putting Jojoba Oil on my face. I love using this, it is a dry oil so I usually mix it with Kiehls Midnight Recovery Concentrate, this concoction alone makes my skin looking extra glowy in the morning. After the oil I will add a moisturizer on top, I have been really loving First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream, I can tell it helps with reducing redness on my face.

These are the steps I am using now during the winter, it is keeping my skin from becoming too dry.
I always enjoy this part of my day, so I take time in not pulling too hard on my skin or missing any part if my face or neck.


Favorite workout clothes

I take barre classes about 3-4 times a week (and I love it by the way) and I am always looking for cute but comfortable workout clothes to get me through the classes. 
I usually wear tank tops, either fitted or loose, and leggings to go with. 

My favorite top right now is either this "barre so hard" top that I found on etsy or the tank I am wearing from Lululemon. I adore the back on the lulu top.
I recently bought some high-rise leggings from Lululemon that I'm sold on. I find it so much easier to get through the ab part of my workout without having to adjust the band. 

Tops-Etsy//Judith March (old)//Zella (similar)//Lululemon


Tuesday Quotes

Ladies we need to hug one another not hurt one another. 
We've all been there, jealous is super ugly though. Let's all get on the bandwagon this year and be friendly and encourage one another in what we want to achieve.
 For me, it has been super scary starting and staying on top of this blog but I have got nothing but compliments from it. I am taking a chance getting out of my comfort zone to pursue what I enjoy doing. 
Compliment a girl on her outfit this week, she put effort into it!  

*images taken from pinterest and simplified planner instagram



And He who was seated on the throne said, "Behold, I am making all things new." Also he said, "Write this down, for these words are trustworthy and true." Revelation 21:5

This verse is very dear to my heart. 
This verse is a promise of God's return to us. 
With Easter right around the corner I cannot wait to start reading the Lent series with SRT. This is one of the verses they have made on a print. 
This promise just reminds me of the anticipation of His return, where we will all be renewed in His glory. 
I love having this reminder hanging in our bathroom, a daily reminder that God loves his children and he will be back for them.

Behold Print

Have a great Monday! 

*I am not affiliated with SRT. 


Amazon's New Dash Button

I just received my Amazon Dash button in the mail... and now I am ordering another one! 
I just got the smart water button and so far it's winning my life. I heard of it recently and had to try it out, this thing makes life so much easier. This is the first night/time I've used it, but so far I am a believer. Basically you link it up with your wifi and press the button when you are close to running out of the product. We have our button on our refrigerator, so I'll just press the button once when we are low and it will order a 6 pack of waters. I hope they keep coming out with more options for the coffee one. Genius. 

*I am not affiliated with Amazon, just obsessed with the new products. Pictures from google. 


tea guide

This past year I have really tried to drink more tea instead of coffee. It is a great way to stay hydrated and helps out when you sometimes get bored of water. These are a few of my favorites right now.

Twinings Pure Camomile - I bought this stuff particularly to use during a certain time of the month. Camomile has great anti inflammatory properties that help with stomach cramps. I also drink it at night before bed to help relax. 
Tazo Awake English Breakfast  - I use this in replace of coffee or to replace my usual "second cup of coffee" in the mornings. It does have caffeine so I think it does the trick in the mornings. 
Allegro Feel Flawless - This tea just tastes amazing. It also helps specifically replenish your skin when drinking regularly. I do notice a difference in my skin when I drink tea and water more than when I drink coffee.  
Allegro Pomegranate Green Tea - Green tea is so beneficial when you drink it regularly. It is loaded with antioxidants and nutrients your body craves. This green tea has hints of pomegranate and raspberry that adds the perfect sweetness to your sipping. I drink this usually mid-day when I need a pick me up! 
Yogi Honey Lavender Stress Relief - The title of this tea says it all, I drink this tea before bed after a long day in the ICU. Lavender itself helps calm your senses and mind. It's a delicious tea. 
Trader Joes Vanilla and Cinnamon Black Tea - This stuff is a special treat that I buy myself only in the winter. It has such a delicious smell as soon as you open the box. I love to add cream to this tea. It makes for the best morning cup of coziness. 

happy hump day! 


Birmingham Spot - O' Henrys Coffee

About a block away from where I live there is an O' Henrys coffee shop. I love stopping by here in the mornings when I am taking Baker on a walk, it is the perfect little refresher. I am thankful to have a coffee shop within walking distance. I go there sometimes to have quiet time when I need a break from my place. It is a great little spot and a gem in our little area. They have some of the best coffee around too. My favorite is the Valentine's Blend it has an amaretto and swiss chocolate flavor that is just fantastic. 


Nashville Weekend

For Taylors birthday we went to Nashville for the weekend!
 We have some friends who live there and they were able to take us to dinner and show us around some interesting Nashville places! 
We ended the night at a place called the Patterson house which is basically a cocktail bar. The drinks there were amazing, I definitely recommend going there. Taylor also got to test drive a Tesla and now there is a seed planted. We both want one so so bad, they are such awesome cars. 
All in all it was a fun quick trip but we are glad to be home and to get ready for the week.
We start the whole30 next week!  

Weekend Packing

So this weekend we are taking a trip for Taylors birthday! It is a surprise trip for him so I am not allowed to say where just yet! But here are some cute outfit ideas that I am excited about breaking out this weekend. 

 navy sweater with Asos blanket scarf and over the knee boots
 fur vest with white undershirt and  BP red booties
striped sweater with Yosi Samra studded flats and handmade scarf
 back of sweater (sold out / similar)

Have a great weekend! 

Perfect Product - Cuyana

Classic Tote

Travel Cases

Weekender Bag

Raise your hand if you love great classic things!
 Everything Cuyana makes is excellent quality and has timeless class. Their whole motto is fewer, lesser things and with their items you see why. They also have great customer service. I had to get my tote restitched this year and the process was taking a while longer than what they had originally said so they sent me a brand new tote! You just know you are getting great items when you open the box. 

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*all opinions are my own, I am not affiliated with Cuyana

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