Amazon's New Dash Button

I just received my Amazon Dash button in the mail... and now I am ordering another one! 
I just got the smart water button and so far it's winning my life. I heard of it recently and had to try it out, this thing makes life so much easier. This is the first night/time I've used it, but so far I am a believer. Basically you link it up with your wifi and press the button when you are close to running out of the product. We have our button on our refrigerator, so I'll just press the button once when we are low and it will order a 6 pack of waters. I hope they keep coming out with more options for the coffee one. Genius. 

*I am not affiliated with Amazon, just obsessed with the new products. Pictures from google. 

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  1. And here are some thoughts on how that new technology is to influence smaller retailers - Lets talk.


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