perfect product - amika

calling all fine and straight haired girls!!! 

your life is about to change, at least your hairs life is about to change. This amika bombshell blowout spray will have you feeling like you could dance like beyonce. 

When you spray it on it might feel slightly sticky at first but that goes away once you blow dry it out. Make sure you are brushing your hair out and up when you are blow drying with this product in. The volume in my hair lasted overnight and into the next day with this stuff, it's truly a new years miracle! I've searched and searched for something to lift my hair and this is the only product I've found so far to do so without may hair drying out or looking greasy. 

Five gold stars for this spray! 

have a great day! 

*all my opinions are my own and are not affiliated with Amika

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