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Lucky for me I started caring about my skin in high school. Over the years I have become more and more obsessed with it. I want to grow old having gorgeous skin that I have taken care of not had cosmetically modified.

Every night before I lay my head down these are the steps I take. 
1. Let's talk about dry brushing. I have very recently started dry brushing before I get in the shower, it is supposed to have great benefits for your skin such as unclogging pores, getting rid of toxins, and leaving your skin super soft. It helps stimulate your lymphatic system and your body's circulation. 
I do it every night before I jump in the shower, the first time I did it it hurt a bit, but after that I couldn't wait to do it. It is like getting your back scratched but all over your body. 
2. In the shower I cleanse my face with Kiehls Deep Pore Daily Cleansing Mask. It gets the job done but is still gently on my face. 
I've learned through the process of caring for my skin that I have really sensitive skin and too harsh of products cause redness on my face. 
3. About 3-4 times a week I will use a scrubbing mask such as Vasanti Brighten Up Enzymatic Face Rejuvenator or Aveda Tourmaline Charged Radiance Masque. These are great for getting rid of dead skin and giving your face a clear shine.
4. Out of the shower I start by putting Jojoba Oil on my face. I love using this, it is a dry oil so I usually mix it with Kiehls Midnight Recovery Concentrate, this concoction alone makes my skin looking extra glowy in the morning. After the oil I will add a moisturizer on top, I have been really loving First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream, I can tell it helps with reducing redness on my face.

These are the steps I am using now during the winter, it is keeping my skin from becoming too dry.
I always enjoy this part of my day, so I take time in not pulling too hard on my skin or missing any part if my face or neck.

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