Eating: Whole30 diet! We are now on day 19 of the Whole30 and I am actually starting to enjoy myself a little more. I can tell I have more energy and my skin is clearer. 
Reading: I just ordered The Good Girl, I've heard a lot of great reviews and can't wait to start this book. Also, I am literally living by this book right now. About 90% of things we've eaten have come out of this book. 
Watching: So don't tell anyone but I am dying to see who Ben ends up with on the Bachelor. I thought I wouldn't like this kinda stuff but I can't fight the fact that I am A) a girl and B) a romantic. Plus the girls always have pretty outfits on. 
Loving: I am loving February right now, maybe it's the Whole30 but I feel so great. I am anticipating spring and all the colors it's going to bring!

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