Whole30 - Day 30

I cannot even begin to tell you how ready I am for the whole30 to be over! And today is our LAST DAY!

Isn't that such a nice way to start a post? Valentines day was the hardest for sure. We want chocolate so bad, so bad. 

Things I can appreciate about the Whole30:
the healthy part of it: I know what I am putting into my body has not been processed at all and that is pretty amazing. I love that I know I am eating completely fresh. 
the sleep: I am getting much better quality of sleep, I can really tell a difference.
the energy: I have a lot more energy. I am not having afternoon slumps.
the food: it's actually pretty good food that I am making and everything taste great! 
meal prepping: i can actually appreciate this part of the whole30, like i've mentioned before I love to cook and having meals made ahead for the week has helped out with this process a ton. 

things i'll be glad to be rid of:
dishes: there are always dishes to be done. thankfully Taylor helps out a ton with this! 
staying in: since there aren't a ton of whole30 friendly restaurants in the south, we have literally ate in for 25 days now. We are dying to go out and have a meal and some wine.
sugar: i want a cookie!  
Did I mention dishes?

We are going to a place called Flip Burger tonight to feast! They ask you to do a reintroduction phase but we aren't because food.


  1. Congratulations on completing the whole 30! I tried to complete it, but ended up cheating on the weekends. I can now drink my coffee black though and I stay away from dairy as much as possible! (until cheese starts calling my name)

    xoxo, Jaclyn

    1. Thank you! Yes, we talked about cheating every day after day 20!
      It was a great experience to learn about ourselves and what we put into our body, but I gotta have me some cheese!!


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