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favorite new facial spray (so affordable and will last a long time)

morning coffee reads, southern favorites For the Beauty of: Birmingham & Good Grit Magazine

New note pad and pen :find here:

I always try to have a candle in every room, the kitchen is no exception

breakfast outside over the weekend 

We spent the weekend in Taylor's hometown of Huntsville, AL spending time with family. 
My cup is full. 
I absolutely love going to visit family with nothing on the agenda. 
Sunday we went to the Sunrise service at church and I loved it! It was the first Sunrise service I had ever been to and I thought it was so cool. That is definitely going to be the new Easter tradition in the Stroud family. 
Hope everyone's weekend was as full of love and laughs as mine! It is always nice to carry that over to your Monday! 


  1. I was about to purchase the Mario Badescu facial spray yesterday but didn't quite know if I should. Now that it's the first thing I see on your blog, it's a sign that I have to back and get it!

    Great post



    1. Yes! If not only for the smell alone! It actually works too, It makes my skin have a nice hydrated glow. I'm obsessed.

      Thanks for reading!


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