Le Tote Unboxing

I was really excited to try out Le Tote once I figured out how it works. For $59 a month you get an unlimited closet. You get styled 5 items once you sign up, two accessories and three clothing items. If you don't like those items you've been styled you can just replace them with something you do like. They are shipped to you within two days and you can wear them for as long as you like! Once you are finished, you can decided if you want to keep an item (for 50% off retail price) or send it back. Once you send your box back in the pre paid envelope, you will get an email prompting you to style your next tote! 

I was interested to see if this would save me money in the long run from spending money of trendy items. I feel like I usually spend more than $60 on clothes a month. So I'm excited to give Le Tote a try! I have not been disappointed yet! Plus, an extra bonus, the customer service is amazing. 

This Street Level cross-body has been with me all week! I really love the roll tab and gold chain!  

These Camilla studs are so gorgeous! 

I received so many compliments wearing this dress. The color is gorgeous! 

Olive and Oak nautical striped crew neck shirt. Love the stripes and detail on the hem. 

Floral printed top, this one had to be my favorite. I love floral prints! 

So far Le tote is working out great for me!
 Cannot wait to see what I am styled next! 
 Here is a short video on how it all works!

Use this code to get $25 off your first box!  

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