THE dress for spring

I've always been a fan of Show Me Your Mumu but have never really bought anything from them. Until now. 
I bought this dress in one of their christmas sales along with this tank (that i love to work out in). 
It was definitely worth it, this dress is so flattering and so easy to wear. 
I love how flowy it is. I have a feeling I will be wearing this dress out this spring/summer. 
I also love the new spring line that they have come out with. 

This picture was taken a few weeks back when the weather was warmer. If you live in Alabama you know that it is a blistering 47 degrees right now. 
Ah, Alabama weather, you always keep us guessing. 
I went from wearing this dress in February back to my sweaters and scarf in March! 

Hope everyone had a great weekend! 
We spent ours hanging out with friends and family! 
Happy Monday! 

dress// heels(on sale here!)// sunglasses//

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