Garden in a Bag

So if you have ever tried to plant something and failed miserably this is for you. 
My mom used to plant flowers in our front yard all the time, and she was good at it too! I, however, did not inherit her green thumb. All that has changed since I discovered Garden in a Bag. I know it sounds super cheesy but it's true! The company is Potting Shed Creations and they make it so easy to plant and actually grow something! They have herbs, flowers, vegetables, and lots more items to choose from plus they make great gifts! 

Below I have planted the dog grass. 
I planted this last year too and Baker ate it with almost every meal! She loves it! 

When you open the bag everything is separated and nicely packed.

 Then you mix the soil with water
Place the seeds on top and lightly cover

Then place a bag over the top and put it in a dark hot place

after a few days! once you see the sprouts you put it in a place with a lot of sunlight! 

another day! 

Ready for Baker to snack on! 

There are step by step instructions printed clearly on the back. I love this because the process takes a few days and that ensures that you won't lose them. 
I have the basil to plant next and I cannot wait to have fresh basil on hand this summer! 
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*Thank you Potting Shed Creations for being an affiliate of this post. All opinions are my own. 

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