how to host a girls night IN

This past weekend I hosted a girls night IN.
I invited some very close sister friends of mine over and we ate appetizers, drank wine, and solved all the world's problems.
Here are some tips that I live by every time I am hosting a little gathering at my house. 

5 tips for planning a girls night in
1) easy apps that you can grab and eat in one bite.
Not having to use a fork and knife is always a goal I tend to strive for when having people over. 
I decided to go with savory recipes because one of my friends brought over sweet 
I used this recipe and this recipe! 
2) a central eating area
I like to have plenty of room and options on where people can sit. We opted to gather around the food (surprise). I am a firm believer that food brings people together. Of course wine helps too. 
3) music
I had a playlist going in the background that set the mood for the evening. You don't want it to be super loud so you can't hear yourself talk, but it also helps fill space. 
4. homey area
you want your guest to feel at home, not like they are at a museum. If they are your close friends then you should have no problem with this. I try to have candle lit and comfy seating available to make them feel more at home. 
5. presence
If you're having friends over then most likely they want to see you too! It is so important to have 90% of your apps, drinks, and setting finished and done when they arrive. No one wants their host to be missing in the kitchen the entire time they are there! 
Be present and relax! 

Happy Monday! 

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