i know guac is extra

I've actually starting liking graphic tees. I know it's a trend and it won't last forever but right now they can just trend on and on... 
I found this shirt rummaging through target one day and thought it was cute and instantly thought beach, all white, and Cinco de Mayo. (I have no idea why my brain thinks what it thinks, but there you go.) 
I bought this shirt in a size large so I can wear it over a swimmuit at the lake or beach, or tuck it in like these pictures. 
The sunglasses I found on Amazon for less than $15! I know amazing.
 There are a ton of different colors too. I really want these too! 

Happy Wednesday everyone! We just got back from taking Baker to the vet for annual shots and blood work. It was traumatizing.. for me. If I'm this bad when it's just my dog I can't imagine how bad I am going to be when we have kids! 

Shirt: Target// White Jeans:Citizens of Humanity// Shoes: Target// Sunglasses: GAMT

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