why i started blogging

Today Taylor and I woke up real slow. We are usually out of the bed as soon as we wake up moving on with our day, but today we stayed in bed watching youtube videos, drinking coffee, and talking about our 5 year plan. It's the perfect start to the day.

Having been no stranger to blogs in my early 20s, this time last year I decided to start writing a blog frequently. I was inspired by the ladies at a beautiful mess mostly. 
There are two main reasons I started blogging:
1. To enhance my creativity. Let's get things straight, I am by no means creative in an artistic sense. I cannot play an instrument, paint a picture, or do any sort of diy crafts. What I can do is explain myself through writing. I figured if I started posting I'd have to come up with new ways to explain myself, and also create new material through trial and error. 
Managing and writing a blog has been a personal challenge that I have thoroughly enjoyed. It has helped me find new ways to think about things and challenge my brain.

2. Express myself better. At first I felt funny asking my husband to take pictures of my outfits (see instagram husband for accurate review of our relationship) or write like I was talking to a friend on the blog, but now I feel more inspired and I'm just like "WHO CARES?! Come take this picture of me while I pose looking off into the distance."
This has been an extremely inspiring year for me. I have felt more like a woman in charge than I ever have! I feel my insecurities melting away. Thank you older age and wise mind!

I'm out here to show myself that I can do this. I've learned that you really have to put yourself out there and break away from any insecurities and just do you. It's been so scary but I've got nothing but good support and encouragement!
So here's to this blog and everyone who reads it and encourages me!
Thank you from the bottom of my little heart!


p.s.- I've also fired my husband and hired a professional photographer to take over, sorry hubs. It was vital for our marriage.

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  1. i am dying... "i fired my husband" HA! your blog is precious!


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