Summer Jumpsuit

Guess what!? I am mixing prints again. 
This jumpsuit is a steal I got last year at J. Crew Factory and I still love wearing it. 
These shoes are from Target that I found on one of my favorite bloggers. Seriously, go check her out. 
I hope everyone had a fantastic long weekend! 
It's back to work for me today! Already can't wait for the weekend (and it's so close!), Taylor and I have some fun plans with friends. 

Happy Tuesday! 

Jumpsuit (old)- similar// Shoes (sold out) - similar


Boyfriends and white sneakers

daily brunch summer lounge

daily brunch summer lounge

daily brunch summer lounge

daily brunch summer lounge

daily brunch summer lounge

daily brunch summer lounge

daily brunch summer lounge

Now I love dressing up and putting on my favorite heels as much as the next girl, but sometimes you gotta just put on your baseball cap, jeans, leave the heels to rest. 
This outfit is one of my favorite go to's, it is so so simple and still looks cute. 
These are my first pair of "boyfriend" jeans and I just love the fit of them, they fit in all the right places. 
If you haven't seen this baseball cap around then you surely have been living under a rock. Aviate has taken the country by storm. Based right here out of Birmingham, they have made these hats out of various airports around the country and they go great with your summer outfit and a cool drink! 
I've also jumped on the white sneakers band wagon too. I picked these littles up at the Gap outlet store, the back heel on them are my favorite. I will definitely be pairing these with breezy summer dresses too. 
I hope everyone has a great weekend, it is supposed to get hot hot here in Alabama! 
Happy Thursday!  

Jeans- Kut from the Kloth// Shoes- Gap Factory(similar) (also love these)// T-shirt- J. Crew factory (on sale!)//Hat-Aviate (in red!)

Summer Bucket List

Here are a few things that I want to do this summer! 
A few have already been checked off. I hope everyone is having a great week so far! I am super busy with school this week! Hoping things slow down next week.
Happy Tuesday! 

Beauty Counter Lip Sheer

beauty counter lip sheer

beauty counter lip sheer

Beauty Counter Lip Sheer

Beauty Counter Lip Sheer

Nowadays I am always looking for what is going to be healthy for my skin. 
As I get older, this is of most importance to me. Beauty Counter is a fantastic company that I have just come across, they are all about safe skincare. I'm trying out this Lip Sheer in Coral and I absolutely love the way it looks! I love this product and the company that I went ahead and ordered the Nude color as well. They use plant based ingredients and non-synthetic flavors, which I might add is a very nice touch when putting it on. I am so obsessed with the beautiful gold packaging too. 
It is so pretty! 

Shop Beauty Counter from my consultant here

*Thank you Beauty Counter for the product, however all my opinions are my own. 


Around the "beach" house

-morning walk with the family-

-our street-

-beach path-

-my favorite restaurant, Black Marlin-


-Baker splashing in the pool, she loved jumping after the ball-

-attempt at a family selfie-

We are back home and missing the beach! Now it's time to get back to our routine.
I started graduate school last week and I am going to have to really focus on my time management skills. It's way more laid back than undergrad but you have to really stay on top of your work and not get behind. Taylor is starting to study for school as well. Should be an interesting year! 
 Hope everyone had a great weekend! 



-The only mug to drink coffee out of at the beach-

Reading: I just finished Big Little Lies, a friend had suggested it to me and it turned out to be such a great book. You never see the plot twist coming, usually I am pretty good at knowing what is coming next in a book but not this one, I was totally surprised! Plus this book is going to be an HBO series with Reese Witherspoon and Nicole Kidman. 
 I've now moved on to Luckiest Girl Alive, another book he same friend suggested, and I am hooked. I am actually listening to this one on Audible, it's nice to plug in the headphones and stare out into the ocean and just get lost in a book.
Project: I am now the proud owner of a pop up camper! My brother had this pop up camper that he was not using and he wound up just giving it to me. Granted, it needs a lot of TLC but that's my project for now. The bones are great on it, it just needs some paint and cleaning. I will be posting photos of before and after in a few weeks.
Planning: Graduate school started this week. Prayers are appreciated if you want to pray for my organization skills. I've heard it isn't as hard as nursing school so that gives me a little hope. I am trying to be on top of assignments and have time management so I am still able to have a life outside of school. 
Buying: Dang you Target and your collabs. Target is having a great summer with all their collaborations they are doing. Click here for shoesHere for clothes. Here for handbags. Here for home. Here for more clothes.
Loving: We are still in Hilton Head and I have loved spending time with family and soaking up the sun.

We are headed home today from our fabulous week at the beach. It was so much fun and I can't wait to go back at the end of summer. It's going to be hard adjusting back to normal life.
Happy Wednesday! 

Recipe for electronics and the beach

We have been absolutely loving our time here at Hilton Head Island. We have lounged around, ate delicious food, played cards, and soaked up the beautiful sun.

I am so glad I came across this awesome Dry Spell Phone Case that is perfect for the beach. This case has worked swimmingly, Taylor and I have actually fought over who is going to use it because it works for well! You can even use your phone through the case so you don't even have to take it out. Taylor has a larger phone than mine and it still fit! It is so easy too, just slide it in and snap the two levers down and you're ready to go! 

and oh yeah, it floats too! 

It is so perfect for the beach or pool because it keeps your phone dry and it floats. How cool is that?!
I wasn't a believer until I tried it out myself.
This case would also be good to take in water parks, whitewater rafting, or any activity that you needed to keep your phone dry. It doesn't take up a lot of space and can actually double to keep your cards and money dry too!
I may end up having to buy Taylor this white one so I can get my pink one back.

I also love this awesome Tortoise Phone Case, the orange and pink covers are so pretty. After seeing it in the package I thought it might be a little bulkier than my previous phone case but it's not at all and I absolutely love the look of it. It also came with two background colors so I can mix it up whenever! I also really want to buy this phone case too!

Happy Monday! 

*Thank you Tech Candy for partnering with me on this post. All opinions are my own. 


Even your husband can make this road trip snack

Today I am letting you guys into our kitchen. This is a little recipe that is very close to our hearts and stomachs. Taylor grew up making this recipe with his mom. I got introduced to it once we started dating but was not allowed the recipe until we were married! So today I am sharing this simple but delicious recipe for Road Trip Chex Mix.

PSA: This snack is by no means healthy!! We make this chex mix on special occasions and holidays where we know we are celebrating/vacationing and there is no thought of eating healthy involved.

 Dry Ingredients:
 1- Family Size box of Krispex Cereal
1- Regular box of Cheerios
1- Regular Box of Original Cheezits
1- Regular bag of pretzels

I feel like these two are the "secret ingredients"
"Wet" Ingredients
2- Sticks of butter
1 1/2 cup - Worstershire
1 tablespoon- Garlic salt
1/2 tablespoon- Onion salt
2 tablespoons- Brown sugar
1 teaspoon- cayenne pepper
1 tablespoon - Lemon juice

Preheat oven to *250. Combine all the dry ingredients in a very large cooking pan. We usually buy a heavy duty aluminum foil roasting pan. When I say all the ingredients I really mean eyeball it to your liking. We do the whole box of chex mix, half a box of cheerios, half to all of the cheezits, then about 1/4 of the pretzels. It's just whatever you want to most or least of.

Then in a microwavable bowl melt the butter. Once melted whisk together all the rest of the ingredients. We definitely taste the wet ingredients often to get the exact amount of sweet to salty to spicy that we want. I suggest you taste as you go and adjust accordingly.

Husband approved!

Once the wet ingredients are mixed and to your liking, pour it over the dry ingredients and mix with spoon... or your hands.

Place it in the oven for 20 minutes. After 20 minutes, stir the chex mix around and place in oven again for 20 more minutes.



Beach Packing List

Cozy Cardigan- I always try to bring something to throw on over my pajamas in the morning while enjoying coffee. This cardigan is extremely soft and perfect for cool mornings. 
Floral Tank- This tank top has a gorgeous floral print with some surprise woodland animals as well. 
Striped Dress- I love how this dress is so easy to wear. The pockets make it the perfect casual dress for a casual dinner out. 
Flamingo Pullover- I love to have an outfit ready for a rainy day, literally. This flamingo pullover sweater is perfect for a rainy beach day lounging around the house playing cards. 
Pink Cami Dress - This dress is going to be perfect for a date night with Taylor. It is simple, flowy, and a perfect pink color for the beach. It would be great showing off a golden tan!
All these items are from Le Tote, click the link to get $25 off your first tote! 

Saddle Bag -We always ride bike every time we go to the beach so this crossbody saddle bag is perfect! 
Some personal favorites of mine are these Silver Sunnies, my signature scent, and this adorable blue necklace. These are great with any outfit. 
Tropical Bra - I love waking up and running on the beach. This is a great bra that I found at Target for less than $10! It's a great dupe of one of the more expensive brands! 

Beach Essentials:
Similar Beach hat- The older I've gotten the more of a freak I have become about my skin. When I was a teenager I would go to the beach and never put sunscreen on. I was just out of control. Thankfully, when I went to college something changed and I started obsessing about my skin. I love this Neutrogena Sensitive Skin SPF 60+ for my face and I've also love Sun Bum. I try not to put anything under 50 SPF on my skin. It so so important to me. That beautiful turkish towel is from Cuyana, I swear they do everything right. 

other items in this photo: beach bag(old) love this one and this oneSugar SPFQuay Sunnies

I am so excited about this beach trip before I start back school. I have two awesome books packed that I can't wait to get lost in. 
We get to take Baker on this trip too, she loves the beach so much. Be sure to follow me on 
Snapchat: japoe89 for crazy beach shenanigans! 

Happy Monday! 

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