1 John 2:17

Preach! (insert praise hands emojis)
God has just been planting little seeds of reminders in my life lately. He's all like "hello, I'm still here and I will never leave you!"
Let me back up, I like to shop. It should come as no surprise.
So, not by my own conviction, I was prompted to write out all my spendings from last month with Taylor.
ouch. double ouch
It was then and over the course of a few days I realized where my treasures lie. 
We are starting to look into moving into a bigger place, and without a little change in our budget that can't happen. When I wrote out where all my money was going I realized my treasures lie in that instant gratification of buying something that I think will make me happy for only a second. 
Thus began my intentional praying for God to break me of this terrible habit so that I can use my money for His glory and not my own. 
I can't claim to love God and also love items of this world, items that I particularly spend more time with than in prayer. 
I am thankful for a God that nudges me along the way to get me back on track and a perfect God that will never leave me no matter how many times I fail him.
So here's to my new budget app and spending more time in my daily devotional than online shopping. 

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