Around the house

finding treats for Baker at the farmers market

new Le Tote clothes for the weekend, brands summer & sage and cupcakes & cashmere

cooling off with frozen coffee cubes and coconut milk, perfect for these hot mornings 

This past weekend served for some much needed R&R. 
We stayed in Friday night and watch one our favorite movies, Once. It's the first movie we ever watched together. Taylor picked it out and told me it was a "sweet romantic movie". He's always been a charmer, and I am thankful that he still knows how to make my stomach have butterflies. 
On Saturday we headed to the Pepper Place market here in Birmingham and picked up a few local treats for everyone in the family. That night was spent celebrating with family as we married off my cousin out on their farm. It was a hot Alabama summer wedding! 
Sunday consisted of church, brunch at home -made by yours truly- bacon, eggs, fruit, and birthday cake pancakes (sprinkles). It was no one's birthday but hey, that doesn't matter does it? 
I hope everyone had a great weekend! 

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