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-the cutest bridesmaid package from my SIL who is getting married next year!-

-this book from my giveaway last week!_

-I may have gotten a little crazy at HomeGoods with the fall candles, that middle one can be used as a mug once the candle is finished!-

-wishing for fall-

-ready to transition to fall with all my new kicks, here, here, & here-

-these OTK boots are so comfy and they have a lot of lining so I know they are going to be warm!-

-wild flowers from the farmers market- 

I hope everyone had a great weekend! Can you believe football starts this week?! Taylor and I are so ready to cheer on Alabama! We will be heading up to Huntsville this weekend to watch the game with his parents, it's kindof a tradition we've started over the years. 
I also started school back today so prayers are appreciated! I am praying for a great semester just like this summer! 

Happy Monday! 


August Style Share

I am so thrilled to be Le tote's featured blog for their monthly style share! 

Here are a few questions from the post:

Fashion-wise, which season do you prefer — summer or winter?Fall fashion. I feel it’s way more versatile than summer. Here in Alabama it’s so hot that I am usually wearing shorts and a tank throughout the summer but fall and its cooler temperatures gives me a lot more to work with.

What is the best fashion advice you’ve ever received?This is only mildly embarrassing but I believe it was on an episode of Laguna Beach (I know) that one of the girls said “everyday is a runway show” and that idea has kind of stuck with me. I think I interpreted it as everyday there could be someone out there able to gain inspiration out of what you are wearing. I always dress comfortable but I always try to dress in a way that is different or expresses how I am feeling. Clothes are the pre-first impression before the real first impression and I believe they can give a lasting effect on people you meet.

To see the full blog click here

Happy Wednesday! A few of my friends from work are throwing our friend a going away party! We are so sad she is leaving but excited to see what her future hold! Goodbyes are so hard! 


Book Giveaway!

Happy Monday! 
Because I love all of my followers so much I am hosting a Big Little Lies book giveaway! You may remember me talking about this book in this post or this post. It is a fantastic comedy that is soon to made into an HBO series. 
Just enter to win below and the winner will be notified on Friday! 
Thanks and good luck! 

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Brunch Chat

brunch chat latte daily brunch
-latte from a coffee date with two of my favorite people-

Do you ever get fantastic ideas right as you are about to fall asleep? I feel like most of my great inspirations happen in the morning or late at night.
With that said most of my worries happen late at night too. I can dream up wild scenarios right before I go to bed, things that make me have to get up and grab a drink of water. 
Usually I just pray it out, nothing gets rid of fears like praying to the one who handles it all. 
Since I started blogging I have started sleeping with a pen and notebook next to my bed for impromptu thoughts that happen late at night. Now don't think I actually wake up, turn the light on, and write a novel. It's actually more of a scribble in the dark in hopes that I can read it in the morning. 

This new series titled brunch chat is just that. Little blibs of my thoughts that I would totally have with my friends at brunch. It's my effort to have my blog be more about life and deeper content. I realize these posts do not get as many hits as one of my outfit posts but I feel these are just as important. I hope these brunch chats continue to inspire you just like the rest of my blog. 

Happy Humpday.


Santa Rosa Beach, FL

Reading: I've just started The Girls by Emma Cline and so far (Chapter 3) I'm into it. I only know that it's based in the 60's/70's and it's about a girl that joins a cult, think Charles Manson. I am not really sure what to expect or which way it is going to turn. Have you read this book yet? Is it worth it? I'll be sure to let you guys know once I am finished!
Watching: Taylor and I sat on our bottoms last Saturday and watch the entire Stranger Things series on Netflix. It is awesome! First off, it's set in the 80's (more awesome) and it follows different characters throughout a little town called Hawkins where some creepy events have started to unfold. I need more TV series like these in my life. 
DIY'ing: I have begun to remodel our apartment. Taylor is thrilled. I'm wanting new everything, it's seriously time for an update. What better time than the present!? We need new furniture, bedding, dining room furniture, and rugs. Pictures coming at a later date. 
Planning: My first semester of graduate school is coming to a close soon and I have big plans for the 2 1/2 weeks that I am off. I am going to be doing things that I used to take for granted (example: lay on the couch all day, take Baker to the park, go to a coffee shop and read, mindlessly wander around a bookstore) you know, those are my big plans. I have an entire list that I just can't wait to tackle! Anyhing ideas I should add?
Loving: Back to school! It's just crazy to think that I have friends sending their kids to school! It seems like yesterday I was prepping my first day outfit and wearing my brand new shoes! It's so cute though seeing the first day of school photos.
So I know not far behind is football, turning leaves, and PUMPKIN SPICE!

Happy Tuesday! 


five finds from Trader Joes

1. Trader Jacques A Dozen Macarons - who doesn't love a delicious macarons? and who doesn't love 12?! These were really great, I didn't get to try the salted caramel because Taylor snatched them up before I could utter a word! I would buy these again but probably only in a chocolate flavor. 

2. Trader Joe's Organic Carrot Juice- this is exactly what it says. Carrot Juice. I don't know what I was thinking it would taste like but it definitely taste like carrots. It does have a sort of milky, creamy feel to it which is kind of nice. I would only buy this again to add to a smoothie. 

3. Trader Joe's Super Spinach Salad - This salad was really satisfying. It has spinach, quinoa, cranberries, chickpeas, edamame, pumpkin seeds, and a carrot ginger dressing. I topped it with grilled chicken and it filled me up for a lunch at work. I would buy this again and take them for lunch. 

4. Trader Joe's Soft Bite Mini Chocolate Hazelnut Biscotti - These are perfect for dipping in coffee or having just as a dessert after a meal. Taylor is a fan too! 

5. Trader Joe's Mango Mochi - Have you ever had mochi?! This is the first I had ever heard about it and I was intrigued. These little rounds are coated with a jelly like chewy substance and on the inside is mango sorbet with a mango jam filling. I am a substance eater so I was wary at first but I absolutely love eating these and they taste good too! There are also other options that were chocolate and vanilla. I have to buy the chocolate for Taylor to try next! 

Trader Joe's is not somewhere I would go to buy all of my groceries, but it is a fun place to go and find crazy new things to try out. I love walking through the aisles and finding random items (MOCHI) that I have never tried before. 
It's a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon! 

I hope everyone has a great weekend! Taylor and I have no plans which is something I am so excited about! 

Happy Friday! 


Water Color Dress

It's no secret on Daily Brunch that I love Le Tote
This water color off the shoulder dress is perfect for summer occasions! Seriously though, the pictures just do not do it justice. It's just so much fun to twirl in, what girl doesn't love a good twirl in a fun dress?! amiright?

If you're still on the fence about Le Tote, you can click here to get $25 off your first tote which makes it only $35 for one month! Unlimited clothes for one month, heyyoooo! I've loved my le tote, it's actually saved me money from going out and buying a bunch of clothes I'll only wear once! 
Plus, it's like Christmas every time you get your tote in the mail, and who doesn't love Christmas in July? 

I hope everyone had a great weekend! We were lazy on Saturday which consisted of breakfast at 12pm and watching Stranger Things on Netflix for the remainder of the day. It was awesome, if you haven't watched it yet you need to! Make sure you have a blanket to hide under the covers for the scary parts! 

Happy Tuesday! 

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