August Style Share

I am so thrilled to be Le tote's featured blog for their monthly style share! 

Here are a few questions from the post:

Fashion-wise, which season do you prefer — summer or winter?Fall fashion. I feel it’s way more versatile than summer. Here in Alabama it’s so hot that I am usually wearing shorts and a tank throughout the summer but fall and its cooler temperatures gives me a lot more to work with.

What is the best fashion advice you’ve ever received?This is only mildly embarrassing but I believe it was on an episode of Laguna Beach (I know) that one of the girls said “everyday is a runway show” and that idea has kind of stuck with me. I think I interpreted it as everyday there could be someone out there able to gain inspiration out of what you are wearing. I always dress comfortable but I always try to dress in a way that is different or expresses how I am feeling. Clothes are the pre-first impression before the real first impression and I believe they can give a lasting effect on people you meet.

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Happy Wednesday! A few of my friends from work are throwing our friend a going away party! We are so sad she is leaving but excited to see what her future hold! Goodbyes are so hard! 

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