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brunch chat latte daily brunch
-latte from a coffee date with two of my favorite people-

Do you ever get fantastic ideas right as you are about to fall asleep? I feel like most of my great inspirations happen in the morning or late at night.
With that said most of my worries happen late at night too. I can dream up wild scenarios right before I go to bed, things that make me have to get up and grab a drink of water. 
Usually I just pray it out, nothing gets rid of fears like praying to the one who handles it all. 
Since I started blogging I have started sleeping with a pen and notebook next to my bed for impromptu thoughts that happen late at night. Now don't think I actually wake up, turn the light on, and write a novel. It's actually more of a scribble in the dark in hopes that I can read it in the morning. 

This new series titled brunch chat is just that. Little blibs of my thoughts that I would totally have with my friends at brunch. It's my effort to have my blog be more about life and deeper content. I realize these posts do not get as many hits as one of my outfit posts but I feel these are just as important. I hope these brunch chats continue to inspire you just like the rest of my blog. 

Happy Humpday.

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