Santa Rosa Beach, FL

Reading: I've just started The Girls by Emma Cline and so far (Chapter 3) I'm into it. I only know that it's based in the 60's/70's and it's about a girl that joins a cult, think Charles Manson. I am not really sure what to expect or which way it is going to turn. Have you read this book yet? Is it worth it? I'll be sure to let you guys know once I am finished!
Watching: Taylor and I sat on our bottoms last Saturday and watch the entire Stranger Things series on Netflix. It is awesome! First off, it's set in the 80's (more awesome) and it follows different characters throughout a little town called Hawkins where some creepy events have started to unfold. I need more TV series like these in my life. 
DIY'ing: I have begun to remodel our apartment. Taylor is thrilled. I'm wanting new everything, it's seriously time for an update. What better time than the present!? We need new furniture, bedding, dining room furniture, and rugs. Pictures coming at a later date. 
Planning: My first semester of graduate school is coming to a close soon and I have big plans for the 2 1/2 weeks that I am off. I am going to be doing things that I used to take for granted (example: lay on the couch all day, take Baker to the park, go to a coffee shop and read, mindlessly wander around a bookstore) you know, those are my big plans. I have an entire list that I just can't wait to tackle! Anyhing ideas I should add?
Loving: Back to school! It's just crazy to think that I have friends sending their kids to school! It seems like yesterday I was prepping my first day outfit and wearing my brand new shoes! It's so cute though seeing the first day of school photos.
So I know not far behind is football, turning leaves, and PUMPKIN SPICE!

Happy Tuesday! 

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