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daily brunch Hilton head island

This week we are in HHI once again for some much needed r&r.
It's nice not having a schedule and being free to go and do whatever we want whenever we want.
 Yesterday I had planned on getting up early, having my coffee on the porch, and then taking Baker on a walk. When I woke up I realized that we had not one grocery item, so I thought I'd make a quick trip to Publix (in my pajamas) to get the essentials. Once I got to the checkout line I realized that I had left my card in my clutch from dinner the night before and had to drive back home to get it. It definitely put a slower start to my morning than I wanted.

So on this gorgeous Saturday morning I actually am enjoying my coffee outside and once I am finished I will take Baker on a serene beach walk.

Happy Saturday!

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