be the one who smiles


I saw this quote last week scrolling through facebook. I read it and went on with my day, but then something happened. I was walking into the gym where I workout and I smiled at a girl and she didn't smile back. I know she saw me because we locked eyes. This quote immediately popped into my head. At first I was wishing I hadn't smiled at all but the more I thought about it the more I was happy I did. 
Kindness matters. 
In a world full of beautiful women just trying to make it through the day there should not be any of us who don't smile back. 
This blog is all about encouraging one another, so please, smile back ladies.
It isn't just about smiling either, encourage, compliment, and love each other even when one of us might not deserve it.  
It takes less energy and I promise you will feel amazing and your skin will glow. 
It is crazy the things that can happen when a strong women band together, literally, mountains can be moved! 

This weekend, and the rest of your life, smile back. 

(original picture, quote unknown but I love it)


  1. This could not be more true. You never know what a person is going through, or dealing with. Yours may be the only smile they see that day.
    I am glad you decided to smile :)
    Precious blog, I found you through Birmingham Bloggers!

    1. Thank you Elenie! I am so glad this means as much to you as it does to me! xoxo


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