watching: The Bachelor just started! I've been hooked for the last year. It's my reality TV fix, back off. What do you guys think of Nick? I'm also excited for game of thrones to come back this year as well.  
reading: I'm actually reading a couple of books right now which I usually never do. I just finished The Couple Next Door, which I could not put down! Next I am going to start The Nest. Lately, before I got to bed I've been getting out Where the Sidewalk Ends by Shel Silverstein and scrolling through some poems. They are really cute but some have some deeper meaning that's actually inspiring. 
planning: Taylor's 30th birthday trip! We are getting a bunch of friends together and heading to the most magical place on earth next week. We are pretty pumped for some 70 degree sunny weather. 
eating: Because Taylor's birthday is in the middle of January we can't really participate in whole30 January so we are starting the 20th of this month. I plan on devoting every Friday during that time to whole30 tips and recipes. 
loving: The new year! I love the feeling of January. It's a great time for refresh and restart.

Have a great weekend everyone + I hope it snows here! 

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