Reading: I am still reading She Reads Truth every night before I go to bed. I love reading it and journaling my prayers a little bit before bed. If you're like me and get distracted every time you sit down to pray or close your eyes, journaling has helped me a ton. I find once I start my prayers can thanksfuls just start to come out and I am able to intentionally pray. 
Eating: We are on DAY 20 of Whole 30! It's no dairy, added sugar, bread, grains, legumes, and alcohol. We did this last year and it hasn't been as hard this year. I am putting together a post on How to Survive Whole 30 soon! 
Watching: I just finished The Crown on Netflix and it was amazing. I think I want to watch it again! I love shows set in that time. Downton Abby is another favorite. 
Planning: Taylor starts graduate school soon, so we are trying to find a place to go on a weekend getaway to relax. Maybe Nashville or the Gulf? Anyone have any ideas?!
Loving: Everything about February! It's actually cold here in Alabama.

I hope you have a great weekend! We are going shopping for new pillows, ahhh married life. 

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